Clubs and Ranges

The list of clubs that have been League members over the years serves to illustrate how the OVPL has adjusted to the changing times. Clubs have divided their shooters into multiple teams when the numbers were up. They have also consolidated to make a single team out of more than one club.

There have been other changes. At first, the course of fire mirrored the routine of the clubs, with the NRA Gallery Course shot in all the matches. Since the 1970’s, the international courses of Standard Pistol, Centre-Fire and Sport Pistol have been adopted, although the Gallery Course is still shot at some matches.

Adjustments have also been made to the OVPL season. These inter-club matches were  first held on indoor ranges between January and March. Since 2007, OVPL matches have been held on indoor and outdoor ranges over a schedule that runs from September to June.

The Clubs

  • National Defence Headquarters Rifle Association (NDHQRA), aka
  • National Capital Region Rifle Association (NCRRA) since 1987
  • RCMP A Division
  • RCMP HQ Division
  • Smiths Falls Revolver Club
  • Arnprior and District Rifle and Revolver Association (Arnprior)
  • Joint Army Navy Air Force (JANAF)
  • Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club (SFFG)
  • Ottawa Police
  • RA Gun Club
  • Stittsville Shooting Ranges Pistol Club
  • Renfrew Shooting Sports Club
  • Smiths Falls and District Handgun Club (SFHG)
  • Correctional Officer’s Revolver Club of Ontario
  • Royal Military College Shooting Team (RMC)
  • Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club (SFFG) (rejoined in 1996)
  • Eastern Ontario Shooting Club (EOSC, was EO Handgun Club)

Ranges Used for OVPL League Matches

  • Justice Building, Ottawa – RCMP
  • Arnprior DRRA, Arnprior
  • Smiths Falls Firehall, Smiths Falls
  • RA Gun Club, Ottawa
  • Ottawa Police Station
  • Cartier Square Drill Hall, Ottawa
  • Salaberry (‘Hull’) Armoury, Gatineau
  • Major EJG Holland Armoury, Ottawa
  • Renfrew Collegiate Institute, Renfrew
  • Smiths Falls and District High School, Smiths Falls
  • Corrections Canada, Kingston
  • Smiths Falls and District Handgun Club, Smiths Falls
  • Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club, Smiths Falls
  • Royal Military College, Kingston
  • Frontenac Rifle and Pistol Club, Kingston
  • Eastern Ontario Handgun Club, Cheney/Larose Forest
  • Connaught Ranges, Ottawa