History of the OVPL

History of the OVPL

(Updated: February 20, 2020)

Since the Ottawa Valley Pistol League has been with us for more than 50 years, it’s time to
assemble a few notes about its past. The pages that follow provide some of that:


Clubs and Ranges



The oldest information presented here has come from the recollections of co-founders Red Doolittle and Brian King. There are some interesting notes about Smiths Falls’ involvement, from Ron Lyon. We’re lucky to have their memories working for the OVPL. The League had no need to keep records, so they are scarce.

Some time ago, Brian wrote an article about the OVPL for AIM magazine (used with permission). AIM is the national magazine of the Shooting Federation of Canada. Thanks to all, for your enthusiasm and interest in our sport.

Steve Kelly
OVPL Secretary
July 2013
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OVPL … in the beginning

This is the story of the formation of the Ottawa Valley Pistol League and some of the more prominent shooters who came up through it. In the late 1950’s the Valley pistol clubs hosted a series of home-and-home matches. These were usually followed by refreshments
supplied by the home club. The scores were not recorded, and the match results were not tallied up at season’s end.

In the spring of 1960 a meeting was convened at the King Edward Avenue apartment of Larry Gaines. Those present were Red Doolittle of Arnprior, Harold Nichol of Smiths Falls, Ed Wilson and Brian King of NDHQ Rifle Association, and the afore mentioned Larry
Gaines who represented both “HQ’ and “A” Division clubs of the RCMP. These gentlemen were the founding fathers of the OVPL.

It was at this meeting that the OVPL was founded. Their rules were devised to keep things
simple: 10 firing members per club, with the 5 high scores to count. These scores were recorded and the match results were used to determine an OVPL Champion Club, at the end of the season. A barbeque was usually organized and the league Trophy was awarded. Unfortunately the original trophy has been lost for some time.

It’s been more than 50 years now, and the OVPL still offers a friendly, competitive venue, for new and experienced shooters alike.