OVPL History: Individuals

The League has seen some very successful competitors shooting in its matches. First though, there are names in the background that we must remember. The builders are the  ones who laid the foundation, or who continued to provide and improve the OVPL for all of us. Sometimes their names can be found on both lists.

Among the shooters, many were national champions, and a few represented Canada internationally. Some were prominent rifle shooters, in addition to their OVPL participation.

The Builders

Red Doolittle, 2005 E.W. (Red) Doolittle, Founder
 (No photo available) Larry Gaines, Founder
Brian King Brian King, Founder
Harold Nichol, 2003 Harold Nichol, Founder
Ed Wilson Ed Wilson, Founder

M. H. Boeckler: OVPL Secretary

Gary Brooks: Team Captain, Smiths Falls

Bruce Brousseau: OVPL Secretary

Glynn Davies: Team Captain, Ottawa Police; OVPL Secretary

Benoit Deshaies: Team Captain, RA Gun Club

Tony Dupuis: Team Captain, NCRRA

Pat Dukes: Team Captain, RA Gun Club

C. E. (Larry) Gaines: Team Captain, RCMP A Division

Jeff Graves: Team Captain, Arnprior

Yvonne Gutz: Team Captain, Arnprior

W. E. (Bill) Hare: Team Captain, Renfrew

Mike Heaton: Team Captain, Smiths Falls

G. B. (Bev) Holdaway: Team Captain, Smiths Falls

Demetrios Karafotias: Team Captain, RA Gun Club

Ed Kelly: Team Captain, NDHQRA

Steve Kelly: Team Captain, RA Gun Club; OVPL Secretary

Fred Kersten: Team Captain, NDHQRA

Willi Koch: Team Captain, Arnprior

Brian LaGroix: Team Captain, RA Gun Club

Luc Laplante: Team Captain, NCRRA

Gerry Lampe: Team Captain, JANAF

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Alois (Louie) Lazecky: Team Captain, NCRRA

Ron Lyon: Team Captain, Smiths Falls

Keir MacMillan: Team Captain, Corrections (Kingston)

Keith McNally: Team Captain, NCRRA

Don Moore: Team Captain, NCRRA

Scott Munro: Team Captain, Eastern Ontario

Tom Percy: Team Captain, Smiths Falls

Terry Pratt: Team Captain, Arnprior

Ron Pritchard: Team Captain, Smiths Falls

Brian Skinner: Team Captain, Ottawa Police

Pierre Stang: Team Captain, Arnprior

F. Michael (Mike) Taylor: OVPL Secretary

Pat Warner: Team Captain, Eastern Ontario

Alan Wilkinson: Team Captain, RMC (Kingston)

L. H. (Lyn) Winters: Team Captain, RCMP HQ Division

Many of these listed as Team Captain are founders in their own right, leading new clubs into the OVPL family.

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The Shooters

Linda Thom, NDHQRA
Olympic Gold Medallist: Los Angeles 1984
World Championships: 1970, 1974, 1982
Pan American Games: 1983

James R. (Jim) Zavitz, RCMP HQ
Olympics: Melbourne 1956
World Championships: 1958, 1962

William E. (Bill) Hare, NDHQRA, Renfrew
Olympics: Tokyo 1964, Mexico 1968, Munich 1972
Commonwealth Games Gold Medal: Christchurch 1974
World Championships: 1962, 1970, 1974
Pan American Games: 1963, 1967, 1971

Steve Kelly, NDHQRA, RA Gun Club
Olympics: Montreal 1976
World Championships: 1974, 1978
Pan American Games: 1975, 1979

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Bill Molnar, NCRRA
Pan American Games: 1975
Bisley UK Championships, multiple times

Ken Bell, NCRRA
International competitor

Ed Fitch, RA Gun Club, NCRRA
International competitor

Wayne Salhany, NCRRA
International competitor

James M. (Jim) Thurlow, NDHQRA, NCRRA
International competitor

Ena Ward, NCRRA
International competitor

Ed Wilson, NDHQRA, Arnprior
National champion

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R.W. (Dick) Hampton, Arnprior
Queen’s Prize at Bisley, 1966
DCRA Hall of Fame

Scott Murray, Arnprior
DCRA Governor General’s Prize
DCRA Hall of Fame

Serge Bissonnette, NDHQRA
DCRA Hall of Fame

Thanks to the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) for the resources they offer online. Special thanks to Linda Barker at the DCRA office for inviting me to sift through their library and newsletter archives.