League Standings

OVPL Standings 2019-20


Team Matches Wins Losses Points
RAGC 5 4 1 10
Arnprior 5 4 1 10
EOSC-SF 3 0 3 6
NCRRA 3 0 3 6

Tie Breaking
RAGC defeated Arnprior in the single, fired match between them.
Both EOSC and NCRRA forfeited two of their three matches.
Eastern Ontario had the better participation, compared with NCRRA.
(They were present at all three of their matches.)

The standings show only three matches for EOSC and NCRRA. An outdoor match
for the two of them was scheduled for the spring but was cancelled due to the
coronavirus (COVID-19) protection measures. Although every team experienced
some trouble getting their members to matches, Arnprior and the RA combined to
bring 16 shooters to an event in February.

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