OVPL Results 2013-14

The best of the news from this year’s results can be found in the improvement figures for our individuals. Every team had a good number of shooters whose averages indicated a double-digit increase. That is typical for relatively new participants. This year, Smiths Falls had one whose average was more than 100 points better. For 2014 though, it’s easy enough to find experienced competitors who either recovered from an off year or were able to raise their performance significantly.

Congratulations to the RA Gun Club, repeat winners of the OVPL Championship for 2013-14. Matches between the RA and second place Arnprior exhibit an unusual change in emphasis. At their matches, the scoring table usually draws attention. It’s common enough to see two people with a single target score to be close. At their last match, the Team Scores (48 targets in all) differed by a solitary point: 2144 to 2143 for the RA!

Team Matches Wins Losses Points
RAGC 6 6 0 12
Arnprior 6 4 2 8
EOSC 4 1 3 6
NCRRA 4 0 4 4
Smiths Falls 4 1 3 6*

* Smiths Falls shot only two of their four matches, so they are ineligible for the Championship standings.

With the teams scheduled for a different number of matches, the standings are based on the number of losses. All teams begin the season with a perfect record of 12 points. Ties are broken first by considering the matches between the teams that are tied. See the Rules.

Past OVPL Champions