OVPL Results 2006-07

Since its inception in 1960, the Ottawa Valley Pistol League has always based its inter-club schedule on the indoor shooting season. For 2006-07 though, the OVPL decided on an indoor-outdoor season. Matches were scheduled to be contested outdoors in May and June.

This year, the home matches for the indoor teams were shot between December and March, as usual. The remaining matches were fired outdoors at Ottawa, at Smiths Falls and at Eastern Ontario’s range.

As a result, all our ranges were used, and everyone had the chance to shoot both indoors and out. Spreading out the matches over a greater part of the year allowed more participation in the other shooting events that were available. The CSSA series in Arnprior, and the LSBA series shot in Ottawa are two such examples.

The League lost a number of regular participants since a year ago. The passing of Bill Szulga and Dave Heaney brought a note of sadness to all that knew them. Bill was one of those guys who was always getting things done. ‘Doc’ Heaney had been shooting OVPL matches and making things happen at NCRRA for 40 years.

Team Matches Wins Losses Points Team Average
RAGC 4 4 0 8 2094.3
Arnprior 4 3 1 6 2053.8
NCRRA 4 2 2 4 1976.3
Smiths Falls 4 1 3 2 1650.5
EOHC 4 0 4 0 1362.0

Note: The Rules stipulate that the standings are based on wins and losses.
Ties are broken first by considering the matches between the teams that are tied.

Past OVPL Champions