OVPL Results 2001-02

The OVPL has had another good year. This year our schedule included 28 matches, down from 40 the previous year. Our smallest teams, Eastern Ontario, and the Fish and Game club from Smiths Falls, each had a good year, with increased participation and some nice scores.

In September, the teams’ representatives decided to adopt the single round robin format. That reduced the number of shoots, and made the schedule easier to manage with the reality of our range time limitations. Arnprior, and the club at the RA Centre in Ottawa, served as host range for most of the matches. Many thanks to those two clubs for their help in accommodating our shoots. The Royal Military College in Kingston re-opened their range this year. RMC was among those teams who opened their ranges to OPVL shooters for invitational shoots.

At the September meeting, invitationals were discussed as a means of providing OVPL shooters a chance to get some time on the range – just to shoot. It was also proposed that the outdoor clubs might use their ranges to host League matches. One goal of these invitationals was to experiment with that idea.

Concerning the OVPL Rules, the OVPL meeting liked the concept of including Sport Pistol shooting. It was emphasized that this was primarily for Ladies, Juniors, and those just getting started. The rule regarding the composition of Team Scores still favours the Centre-Fire course, where feasible.

The most significant change for 2001-02 was for the OVPL to return to a championship based on wins and losses in the matches. Last year we compared teams’ averages. Balance returned to the schedule, so the scoring emphasis returned to the result of each match.

For 2001-02, each team had one match with each other team. The league championship was determined by the teams’ Win-Loss records.

Team Matches Wins Losses Points Team Average
Arnprior 7 6 1 12 2117.9
RA Blue 7 5 2 10 2118.8
RMC 7 5 2 10 2045.3
RA Red 7 4 3 8 1914.2
NCRRA 7 3 4 6 1947.5
SF FG 7 3 4 6 1813.3
SF HG 7 2 5 4 1907.4
EOHC 7 0 7 0 1505.8

Past OVPL Champions