OVPL Results 2016-17

Season Summary 2016-17

The League championship returned to the RA Gun Club this past season. Benoit Deshaies’ team enjoyed a perfect 5-0 record this year. Helping to make that happen were a number of new club members who shot for the RA.

Yes, sometimes it rains. All the teams were challenged to field a full team at the matches, so several were won by default. However, most of the clubs had new members involved. Sunny days are ahead.

A review of the results shows that the top four individuals all improved their averages over last year. Let’s have more of that next season.

Final Standings

Team Matches Wins Losses Points
RAGC 5 5 0 12
Arnprior 5 2 3 6
NCRRA 4 1 3 6
EOSC-SF 4 0 4 4

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