OVPL Results 2007-08

An old format returned to the OVPL for 2007-08. Each team had two matches with every other team. That means eight matches for each team. Continuing from last year, the season began outdoors in September. Through the cold weather, the schedule had the indoor clubs holding their home matches. Every team won at least one match, but no team was perfect. The last match of the season was held on July 9, 2008.

Team Matches Wins Losses Points Team Average
Arnprior 8 7 1 14 2049.1
RAGC 8 6 2 12 2071.1
NCRRA 8 3 5 6 1811.6
Smiths Falls 8 3 5 6 1668.8
EOHC 8 1 7 2 1295.9
FRPC (withdrawn)

Note: The Rules stipulate that the standings are based on wins and losses.
Ties are broken first by considering the matches between the teams that are

Past OVPL Champions