OVPL Teams

Since 1960, the Ottawa Valley Pistol League has been a forum for local, friendly matches between handgun clubs in Ottawa and nearby communities. From October to April, the teams have a series of inter-club matches. The fees are nominal, there are refreshments, a social side, and the declaration of a League Champion and numerous annual awards.

The OVPL has four teams, with shooters from the following clubs:

  • Arnprior and District Rifle and Revolver Association
  • Eastern Ontario Shooting Club
  • National Capital Region Rifle and Revolver Association
  • RA Gun Club – Ottawa
  • Smiths Falls and District Handgun Club
  • Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club

Arnprior and District Rifle and Revolver Association

This private club was established in 1957 to provide an indoor shooting facility for those near this Ottawa valley town. Its membership includes several national champions. As with most activities in rural communities, many of their members live outside Arnprior. Most OVPL shooters eagerly anticipate their annual trip to Arnprior. It’s their friendly hospitality, and the chili that the competitors remember.

Eastern Ontario Shooting Club (EOSC)

The OVPL welcomed the Eastern Ontario Handgun Club to its first league season in 1999-2000. In the fall of 2012, the club underwent some changes and emerged as the EOSC. Contact with their team is via Team Captain Scott Munro. Since their formation in the early 1980’s, the EOSC has established itself as the foundation of IPSC shooting in the National Capital. One of the nicest features of this club is its outdoor range, nestled in the pines of Larose Forest, east of Ottawa.

National Capital Region Rifle Association (NCRRA)

This club’s history predates the League. As the parent National Defence Headquarters Rifle Association, it was one of the founding members of the OVPL. Over the years, this organization has been the shooting home for some of Canada’s finest shooters, both rifle and handgun. Without this club’s shooters, our fullbore rifle teams at Bisley each year could only participate, and not compete. NCRRA has used five indoor ranges for its home matches. Their Team Captain is Luc Laplante.

RA Gun Club

This is the shooting club at the Recreation Association in Ottawa. With one of the nicest indoor facilities in Ontario, the RA has been home to some of the most accomplished rifle and handgun shooters in the country. Each year, the RA is in contention for the League Championship. Their Team Captain is Benoit Deshaies. Although the name can be a bit misleading, the RA Gun Club is open to all, not just those in the Public Service. Their range is downstairs from the curling rink at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive in Ottawa. Casual visitors can stop in any evening to see what the noise is about, from the comfort of their sound proof lounge.

Smiths Falls and District Handgun Club

This group of Perth and Smiths Falls shooters has been shooting OVPL matches since the 1980’s. Some of its participants, such as Harold Nichol, were involved as members of the Fish and Game Club before that. Harold is a member of the Smiths Falls Recreation Hall of Fame, and was one of the League’s founders. Since 2014, members from this club shoot the OVPL matches with Eastern Ontario. Information about the SF Handgun Club is available from Ron Lyon.

Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club

This club was one of the OVPL’s founders. Although they left the League for a few years, they re-joined in 1996. Each spring, the OVPL holds a barbecue for its annual awards presentation. The Fish and Game Club was host to one of the first of these in 1968. Since 2014, members from this club shoot the OVPL matches with Eastern Ontario.